The Possibilities Are Endless

Our team is pushing the limits, continuing to test aerial robotics across multiple industries to create real-time, on demand solutions that save our customers time and money while increasing productivity and accuracy in data


Real-time aerial monitoring of on-site blasts, stockpiles, and crack inspection done autonomously to significantly reduce risking the safety of your most valuable assets – employees.

Construction Management

Construction job sites are ever changing. Our platform can show you how by providing immediate views of your construction site, allowing inspection, stockpile management, and resource monitoring like never before.


Daily scheduled surveying provides a unique perspective on the irrigation and vegetation conditions of your land. Extended flight provides visuals of end-to-end operations, allowing assessments of equipment and systems vital to successful yields.

Research & Conservation

Drones provide a cost effective platform for wildlife monitoring and for environmental data collection, significantly helping scientists and researchers without impacting the environment or encroaching on the subject’s natural habitat.


Miles of pipelines and solar farms, along with oil rigs can be monitored and inspected autonomously with the Sentien platform in a fraction of the time that it would take to be done manually with walkthroughs.

Law Enforcement

The Sentien platform can add significant benefit to first responders entering hostile situations. Live stream is achievable in hostage situations, search and rescue operations, border patrol, and criminal pursuits, mitigating dangerous engagement with resources on the ground.

New applications for aerial robots are being created every day. Work with us to learn how our technology can cut costs while increasing productivity within your organization. We have the expertise to make your vision a reality